I Am ... Amy Dalgleish, CSLC

Certified Spiritual Life Coach


I Am ... Amy Dalgleish, CSLC

Intuitive Energy Healer specializing in trauma


I Am ... Amy Dalgleish, CSLC

Life Fulfillment and Mindfulness Coach


Spirituality Unleashed

My Life's Work Is To Guide Those Who Are Not Willing To Betray Their Heart's Wishes.


About me

I’m passionate about being a Life Fulfillment & Mindfulness Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer specializing in trauma. I studied the Peruvian lineage of energy healing as well as spiritual life coaching — I use these tools to help my clients look at their belief systems and deconstruct destructive choices. I teach them to live passionate, joyful lives.

Some of the tools I use include journey work, life time lines, tracking and inner child work, resentment counseling, grief and loss counseling, intention and goal setting, relief from limiting beliefs. I work both individually and in group settings.

For over two decades I have dedicated my life to helping others work through the things that prevent them from living with certainty and courage to their full potential. I see in others the parts of themselves that they have suppressed, and we work together to bring out their best. I know a side of suffering that helps me relate and this experience is useful in guiding people who have experienced adversity on a very deep level. Just as I have experienced a beautiful life regardless of any challenges, I believe all should. 

Amy Dalgleish

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